Specialized Squad

At ASAP, we coordinate specialized teams with different areas of expertise placed at the service of each client’s requirements and specifications. These roles for IT teams relieve the client of the task of hiring and retaining internal professionals.

Specialized Squad​

En ASAP coordinamos equipos especializados en diferentes áreas de expertise, puesto al servicio de los requisitos y especificaciones del cliente. Estos roles para el equipo de IT ahorra al cliente la tarea de contratar y retener profesionales internos.

The coordination of these teams is in the hands of a Service Manager responsible for the client experience, maintaining fluid communication between parties, and seeking constant improvement of service quality.

Development Squad

Software development according to client's requirements and technical specifications. ASAP provides the roles required for this purpose: Developers, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Analysts, among others.

Testing Squad

It is in charge of testing software functionalities, confirming that it performs according to the client's specifications and requirements. The team is trained to identify the greatest number of errors with as little time and effort as possible.

Data Squad

These teams are responsible for enhancing the use of company data to optimize its business, using Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics tools and algorithms. We partner with ITMaker, a company that provides Business Intelligence solutions.

Steps for including a Specialized Squad

Identification of business requirement

This is the stage where a survey and analysis will be conducted jointly with the client to identify and understand the technical, operational, and business needs to be addressed.


Definition of the necessary onboarding scope and its joint execution, involving both the recruiting company and the requesting company.

Definition of the appropriate squad

Depending on the objectives, the type and number of squads required are adapted, as well as their roles, skills (hard and soft), and expected scope.

Team management

This is the definition of the modality for managing the team, its evolution, and the quality of the deliverables.

Selection of professionals

This involves putting teams together with professionals who best meet the challenge that needs to be resolved.

Constant communication and identification of proposals for improvement

We provide daily follow-up on the team in order to escalate problems. In turn, we establish biweekly or monthly meetings with the client to correct deviations, adjust the squad and analyze proposals for improvement.