JR Squad

Our motto is “there is no senior without a junior.” That is why we focus on the generation of new talent.

JR Squad​

Nuestro lema es “no hay senior, sin junior”, e por eso que nos enfocamos en la generación de nuevos talentos.

Junior Squads offer companies the opportunity to onboard new talent without having to go through the learning curve. These are teams with junior profiles, specialized in the technology required by the client.

These teams are part of the project from day 1, and we at ASAP accompany them with a senior collaborator to supervise them, and a Service Manager who coordinates the team’s in-house communication with the client’s team to ensure fluidity. The objective is to guarantee their performance and the quality of their deliverables.

As an added value, ASAP designs a technical training plan together with the client that enhances expertise for the professional development of the collaborator. This process lasts six months and, upon completion, guarantees the recategorization of the resources.

Minimum 2  
Jr. associates

1 service 

1 expert

Value proposition for the collaborator

Client Value Proposition