Software as a Service is an IT tool that facilitates the daily operations of any organization. It allows you to run any application from the cloud, allowing you to move through digital transformation more efficiently. 

Immediate availability of the service, or through a simple configuration, enabling use of the software from the zero moment.

Multi-platform adaptation; it can be accessed from a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Lower implementation and development costs compared to carrying out the development in-house, including expenses for infrastructure, maintenance, security, data, etc.

Scalability, since it adapts to the business; a first requirement will be modest, and it will scale as the company's needs increase.

Constant updating, since the vendor maintains the most recent version of the software, without additional fees.

Access to hyper-specialized services that effectively solve very specific needs.

Global reach, since access to software, applications and data remains intact from anywhere in the world.

Data backup in the cloud, so that if there is damage to the user's device, it does not generate additional issues.